Economic Themes (2010) 48 (3) 8, 437-451


Radenko Marić, Tijana Đurković

Abstract: In order to successfully realize their business goals, modern companies need to possess the most important standards of corporative business operations, such as the modern technological manufacturing processes, modern information systems, well developed distributive and sales network, acceptance of novel technological and information changes, successful management, satisfied employees. On the other hand, the main carriers of the given performances, are the standards within the framework of moral values, which are the base and the beginning of any business activity. To understand the nature of corporative business operations and the attitude of companies towards the customers and the broader public, it is necessary to analyze the core business operations from the companies' viewpoint, to gain insight into the nature of realization of business activities, and into the resulting obligations and responsibilities, which are based on observation of basic moral standards in relationships with the employees, customers, public, society and the state.

Keywords:  Moral standards; ethics; corporative business operation; morally responsible behavior

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