Economic Themes (2011) 49 (3) 6, 433-448


Bojan Krstić, Tatjana Stevanović, Marija Džunić

Abstract: The process of improving public sector efficiency by its nature is very complex, demanding and time consuming. This improvement requires the creation of opportunities for rationalization of public spending, reducing budget deficit and public debt, establishing of sustainable social functions of the state (through the reform of pension, health and social protection system), raising the efficiency of public organizations through privatization, better management, more productive use of resources and their depoliticization. Therefore, the network of organizations (institutions) in the public sector requires effective and efficient performance management system. Such a system should not only adequately monitor and measure performance and provide appropriate reallocation of resources, but also identify the key factors that are obstacles for the improvement of efficiency in public sector organizations, and to direct the elimination of their negative effects on living standard and quality of public services. The aim of this paper is to explore some key aspects related to performance management in public sector organizations, especially the problem of quality measurement and monitoring the effects of their activities.

Keywords:  public sector; reform; public sector management; performance management; public sector organizations

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