Economic Themes (2011) 49 (3) 7, 449-465


Sreten Ćuzović, Svetlana Sokolov-Mladenović

Abstract: In recent years, the retail trade has been experiencing major changes and shifts from a passive intermediary to taking an active role in relations between producers and consumers. Along with the wholesale trade, which is revitalizing its intermediary role, retail has been taking a growing part in the foreign trade of countries, including ours. Consumer goods are sold through retail sale to end users, while agricultural and primary products are sold through wholesale, as evidenced by the current statistics. The aim of this paper is to determine their place in the trade of our country through modern trends in retail trade and wholesale, primarily through internationalization, foreign direct investment in the trade sector and the growing importance of trademarks. In accordance with the set objective, the research will be divided into four parts. The first part shall apply mathematical and statistical methods to examine Serbian trade with foreign countries. The second part analyzes the features of retail trade in our country and their importance for foreign trade. The subject of the third part is the wholesale and flows that characterize it. In the last part, an attempt is made to project the exposed retail and wholesale flows through the prism of improvement and prospects of further development of foreign trade in our country.

Keywords:  trade; internationalization; foreign direct investment; trademark; visible transactions

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